Cannabis Dispensary SEO Strategies

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Cannabis SEO Strategies

As cannabis continues to be legalized throughout more of the United States, this natural product has skyrocketed in popularity. New dispensaries are popping up every week, so you need to harness the power of the Internet to give your cannabis dispensary every possible advantage and attract new customers.

The Reefferr SEO agency says having a strong web presence allows you to attract both local shoppers and those in other areas, and you can use these dispensary SEO strategies to get your site noticed and start selling more products.

1. Develop Your Social Media Plan.
Social media is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Best of all, many social media features can be used at absolutely no charge to you. If your cannabis brand or dispensary does not have an active social media presence, you need to start developing a plan to change that today.

People cannot patronize your business if they don’t know it exists, and you’ll build your brand and get your name out there every time you post on a social media site. In order to make your posts appealing, focusing on providing accurate, interesting content instead of simply trying to sell with every post.

2. Focus on Website Design.
In the world of cyberspace, your website is the storefront of your business. Because of this, having a professional, attractive site is well worth your time and money. When it comes to websites, it’s best to start simple. Say no to lengthy scripts, flash videos, and other things that make your site load slowly. Focus on creating a clean design and content that clearly states what your business is about and how you can help potential customers. When your site features clean design and organization, you’ll also enjoy a higher Google ranking.

3. Consider Mobile Buyers.
More and more potential customers are using their phones and other smaller screen devices to access your site. Each day, the Internet is accessed millions of times through mobile devices, making Google develop a mobile-first index for its site rankings. As you are designing and updating your site, don’t forget to check its usability and appearance on a mobile device. This is vitally important both for your SEO ranking and your customers’ satisfaction.4. Utilize Effective Link Building Techniques.
Link building has always been an important part of a SEO strategy, but you can’t just throw in random links and expect them to do the work for you. Instead, Google cares about the quality of your backlinks and the quality of the content that is housed at each link. Non-relevant link stuffing will actually backfire since they are rejected by Google’s advanced algorithms.

Quality content is king and it will help says EarnedLinks, and that is actually good news for your business! When you link to sources that provide relevant, high quality information, you are informing potential customers while boosting your rankings. In order to make the content more interesting, add things like bulleted lists, graphics, and short videos.

5. Don’t Forget About Google My Business.
While you are focusing on the wider market that you can reach on the Internet, you don’t want to neglect potential local customers. Listing your cannabis dispensary on Bing and Google, the two largest search engines, is a must. When people search for “cannabis dispensary” and your geographic location, you want your business name to pop up at the top of the list! This step doesn’t take long, but it can bring amazing results and new traffic to your door.

Are you currently utilizing any of these strategies to market and promote your cannabis dispensary? We would love to hear what has worked for you and which strategies you are planning to implement. Contact a marijuana dispensary marketing agency today to learn more about how we can assist you.